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One of Britain’s most iconic publications is undergoing a digital revolution today as Transport Secretary, Justine Greening, marks the Highway Code’s 81st year by launching it as an interactive app for smartphones.

The best-seller’s technological transformation will make it even easier for road users to keep up to date with the rules of the road.

Much of the Highway Code’s content has changed considerably since its launch in 1931. For example mirrors were not even mentioned in the first edition and drivers were advised to sound their horn when overtaking.

It is already free to read online, can be downloaded as an ebook and there are also Facebook and Twitter accounts offering regular topical reminders.

Now a new app for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch will make it even easier to keep up to date with the rules of the road through a more intuitive, interactive format.

It includes the complete contents of the Highway Code with a search facility making it easy to find rules and information. There are also interactive features like quizzes, a stopping distance calculator and a tool to help users identify road signs.

The Official Highway Code app is available on iTunes.

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Well done to Daniel Medows who passed his driving test  first time today at Bolton Test Centre with only one driver fault!!  Safe driving and be careful on the roads.

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The IAM has renewed its call on the Government to make driving on rural A-roads a mandatory part of the driving test.

While I David Heathcote would agree this is a good idea, logistically I don’t think it could work as a lot of Driving test centres are situated in Town centres, as a professional driver trainer I personally include ALL  different types of roads and conditions, including  these rural A roads and explaining how to use  The Limit Point whilst on them, however as I tell my students the L test is just a start to your driving  and would always encourage to take further training and tests as not to get complacent throughout their driving lives, I will be happy to receive any comments from learners drivers from Bury or Bolton on this subject.

Driving Test Pass


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Just to say well done to Ged Bland on passing his driving test today, again at Cheetham Hill Test Centre. Safe Driving and be careful on the roads.

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I have just received the latest news concerning  Bury Test Centre from my local MP. Mr Ivan Lewis MP has been informed by Driving Standards Agency (DSA), that although no specific date can be given for the Bury test centre to re-open, it is expected to be open by the end of Feburary. I David Heathcote would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Ivan Lewis MP for his continuing support in this matter, and lets hope this is the end of the saga around Bury test centre. Please check in the future for any other news.

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The government plans to launch a public consultation later this year, about raising the maximum speed limit for motorways to 80mph. with a view of introducing it by 2013.

What are your views people of Bury and Bolton?

Winter Tyres


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The Institute Of Advanced Motorist have reported that winter tyres are becoming more widespread in the UK over the last couple of years, due the harsh winter’s the UK has been experiencing.

These tyres would have been very useful on roads of Bury and Bolton over the last couple of winters, I am considering them myself this year.

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The latest Road traffic casualties statistics for 2010 are as follows,

1,857 people killed on our roads (this has come  down 16%  from 2,222 in 2009) which included 55 children. Although the overall road deaths and casualties has dropped from the previous year 2009, unfortunately cyclist deaths have risen by 7% to 111 cyclist killed. Try to think of these as real people brothers, sisters, mums, dads, grandparents who have been killed and not just statistic!! If you would like any more information let me know.






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David Heathcote will be having a meeting with Mr Ivan Lewis MP on Fri 22 July concerning Bury Test Centre, and why it is still closed after the flood last December. Please check back for update!

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