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The new online driver enquiry service, developed by DSA, has just been launched to allow lorry, bus and coach drivers working towards Driver CPC to go online to check records of the periodic training they’ve done.

Lorry, bus and coach drivers can access the service 24 hours a day, which provides a clear and simple online record, showing:

  • the driver’s Driver CPC qualification expiry date (bus and coach and / or lorry)
  • details of each training course completed

Drivers can register to use the service at


The service also allows drivers to give current or prospective employers temporary access to their training records – allowing them to confirm how much periodic training the driver has completed in their five year cycle.

This online service should also benefit trainers by reducing the need for them to respond to individual driver and operator enquiries.

Uploading training records

It should only take up to five days from course completion for a driver’s training record to be updated.

If you’re a trainer, it’s important to get records added within this period.

If you’re a driver and your record hasn’t been updated within this time, you should contact your trainer directly. If you don’t get a satisfactory response from them, you should then raise this with DSA

Linking to the service

If you’re a trainer or employer and want to add a button to your website that links to this service, you can do so using the attached graphic.

You can also add the following message to the training certificate you issue at the end of your training course – helping to raise awareness of the service:

Link button for enquiry service
“Check your periodic training has been recorded


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Bury Driving  Test Centre is to have an open day on the 30th March betwwen 9.30 to 11.30, all ADI’s and candidates who would like to see the full refurbishment or discuss any local issues are most welcome.

I will definitely be going !

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I have received a letter today from Ivan Lewis MP  updating me on the latest news concerning Bury Test Centre.

The Driving Standards Agency have now awarded the contract for the necessary works at Bury Test Centre on the 16th Feburary 2012. The work is expected to start by the end of Feburary and should be completed by end of March, and therefore DSA expect to reopen Bury DTC at the end of March or very early April.

Again I would like to thank Mr Ivan Lewis MP for the  help with this matter, lets hope this is now going to happen its been a long wait.

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Well done to Patrick Prince on passing his driving test first time  today at Bolton Test Centre. Safe Driving and be careful on the roads

Driving Test Pass


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Well done to Mike Duff on passing his driving test today at Cheetham Hill Test Centre. Safe Driving and be careful on the roads.

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A new International award scheme is being launched this year 2012 , the awards will be presented by Prince Michael of Kent and will be sponsored by the FIA foundation, its part of global strategy for road saftey.

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Well done Steven Gibbons on passing your driving test today Friday 13th good job you are not superstitious!  The pressure was on today as Steve was the first test of 2012 at Cheetham Hill test centre  (due to Bury test centre still been closed) excellent pass and safe driving.

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Gary Lineker has teamed up with Ingenie a car insurance brand for young drivers and produced a video to urge young drivers stay safe on the roads this Christmas and not to drink at all before driving. Research revealed that 87% of young drivers under the age of 24 are killed or seriously injured in crashes in the UK, were over the drink-drive alcohol limit.

Lets hope this message is getting through not drink and drive, it would be interesting to know the statics for Bury and Bolton?

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Tougher rules to prevent trainee instructors from teaching and to allow L Drivers on motorways have been announced by the road safety minister. Under the plans it will be possible for learner drivers to undergo some training on a motorway, however it will not be made compulsory because of the difficulties learners in remote areas of the country might have in gaining access to a motorway. Also Mr Penning stated that he plans to ban trainee driving instructors from giving lessons unless they are also supervised by a fully qualified instructor.

I totally agree with allowing L Drivers on motorways with a qualified instructor to get valuable experience, but if you look at the roads around Bury and Bolton we are extremely lucky to have dual carriageways with slip roads e.g. ST Peters Way in Bolton and also the Haslingden by-pass from Bury/Edenfield up to Rawtenstall, part of which is where the  national speed limit applies, so really there is no excuse while learning to drive, that some of these roads cannot be used to get some experience now.

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To improve standards of the courses offered to drink-driving offenders and the way they are approved. The proposals are also intended to encourage more training providers to become more involved in delivering the DDRS courses. In 2010 there was 1850 deaths on the roads and 250 (14%) were linked to drink-driving offences.

I would be interested to know if the statics could be broken down to individual areas e.g. Bury, Bolton, Haslingden, Prestwich etc,  if anyone can help I would be most grateful.

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