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Mobile Phones Ban


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3M Case Study Mobile Phones

Since introducing a ban on the use of mobile phones whilst driving, 3M has monitored employees’ attitudes on an annual basis.

A survey conducted three months after the ban was introduced indicated a swing in employees’ attitude. When the ban was first introduced, 56 per cent of staff did not welcome it. Just three months later, less than half (41 per cent) said they did not like it. By June 2011 negative sentiment stood at 35 per cent.

The most recent survey (which was anonymous) showed 49 per cent of employees complying with the policy fully; 46 per cent ‘most of the time’ and 5 per cent ignoring it. The results showed real signs that the safety message was getting through. When asked their reasons for complying with the new rules, 6 per cent said it was because they thought using a mobile phone while driving was a dangerous distraction and could lead to an accident.

The survey also indicated that the ban had tracked through to 3M employees’ personal lives. 43 per cent said that they already avoided using their personal phone while driving – but since the work ban a further 48 per cent had either stopped or reduced the practice

I think more companies who adopt this approach is only going improve road safety but also improve their public image which is the best form of advertisement, any companies needing any  advice concerning  training for their drivers please contact Heathcote Driver Training of Bury.


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The Guardian promotes International Road Safety

In partnership with the Road Safety Fund, The Guardian will feature a new road safety section within its Global Development website. The ‘development and road safety’ site will focus on providing compelling reporting, discussion and debate on the growing global road deaths epidemic.

The Guardian’s Global Development website will feature news articles, comment and analysis content, multimedia, data reporting and social media coverage.

A key aim of the website is to help sustain momentum for action to improve global road safety by holding governments, international institutions, the donor community, NGOs and the private sector to account for the implementation of the Decade of Action for Road Safety.

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I have just been to the Bury Driving Test Centre open day, it was great to see and have a chat with  the local driving examiners again, a couple who I haven’t seen since December 2010 !!  We were shown around the refurbished test centre and explained what had happened to close it in the first place, it is good to have it  up and running again.

David Heathcote

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Bury Driving  Test Centre is to have an open day on the 30th March betwwen 9.30 to 11.30, all ADI’s and candidates who would like to see the full refurbishment or discuss any local issues are most welcome.

I will definitely be going !

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I have received another update from my local MP Mr Ivan Lewis concerning Bury Test Centre. GOOD NEWS !!

I now have a letter from Mike Penning MP , Parliamentary Under Secretary State Department for Transport he writes;

I am writing to confirm that Bury Driving Test Centre is scheduled to reopen on 30th March.

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) was forced to close Bury DTC after a burst pipe caused extensive damage. The DSA decided to improve the facilities at the Bury DTC at the same time as carrying out repairs to the building.

Bury Driving Test Centre is now more energy efficient, with better insulation, double glazing and motion sensitive lighting. I am confident your constituents will find the new centre a great improvement.

Well at last we now have a definite opening date for Bury DTC,  I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank you again  to Mr Ivan Lewis MP for all of his help with this matter.

David Heathcote


Bury Rural Roads


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Research have found that  Young drivers living in rural areas are 37% more likely to be involved in an injury collision than their urban counterparts, according to a new report.

There are a lot of very good examples of these types of roads around the Bury and Bolton area, so getting valuable experience on these roads while actually learning to drive is quite easy, and should be included in a properly structured course of driving lessons.

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Well done to Patrick Prince on passing his driving test first time  today at Bolton Test Centre. Safe Driving and be careful on the roads

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Brake is calling on the Government to make roads policing a national policing priority in response to research revealing that the number of traffic police has been cut by 11.6% in five years.


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A new International award scheme is being launched this year 2012 , the awards will be presented by Prince Michael of Kent and will be sponsored by the FIA foundation, its part of global strategy for road saftey.

Welcome to 2012


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Welcome 2012 which is going to be an exciting year for Heathcote Driver Training , I will still continue to strive and give first class training to all of my students and clients in the Bury and Bolton areas but also I want to take my Driver Training to all the surrounding areas, if you are not sure of the areas covered check the contact page on the website, no matter what sort of training is required  from learners, instructor training and also fleet driver training helping  business whether large or small not only trying to reduce their running costs but also manage there occupational road risk obligations, I will only be to pleased to help.

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