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DSA is making changes to the independent driving.  Examiners will no longer be showing the candidate a map  when giving direction instructions.  If the candidate wants to see the map they should ask the examiner to see it.
Any Comments from learner drivers from Bury  and Bolton ?

THINK ! campagin


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The third phase of the THINK! ‘Named Rider’ campaign was launched on 2 March by Mike Penning, road safety minister.

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A recent study by Roadpilot has revealed that incurring a single, three point penalty for speeding can add an increase to the premium of upto 25%.

I  believe that also the post code can have an affect on premiums e.g. it would be more expensive to insure a car in Manchester than Bury.

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To improve standards of the courses offered to drink-driving offenders and the way they are approved. The proposals are also intended to encourage more training providers to become more involved in delivering the DDRS courses. In 2010 there was 1850 deaths on the roads and 250 (14%) were linked to drink-driving offences.

I would be interested to know if the statics could be broken down to individual areas e.g. Bury, Bolton, Haslingden, Prestwich etc,  if anyone can help I would be most grateful.

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A new framework setting out key competences for driving instructors and rider trainers has been published by the DSA. The standards set out the skills,knowledge and understanding required for trainers to deliver training for both before and post driving test. More details can be found on the DSA website.

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The government plans to launch a public consultation later this year, about raising the maximum speed limit for motorways to 80mph. with a view of introducing it by 2013.

What are your views people of Bury and Bolton?

Sky High Insurance


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The institute of advanced motorist (IAM)  have called on the insurance companies  to look at how they calculate insurance premiums for young drivers. The IAM state that if young drivers are being priced off the roads due to the high cost of insurance premiums, then how can they gain the experience necessary to drive on the roads which could put them and other road users at risk.

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I have now received a final reply from my local MP, Mr Ivan Lewis, concerning the temporary closure of Bury Driving Test Centre. In a letter he received from the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) they are still unable to confirm a specific date for the re-opening of the test centre but have assured us that the DSA remain committed to re-opening Bury DTC by the end of the year. It looks like this is the best information we are going to get, however if I receive any more infomation I will post it on the news page.

I would also like thank Mr Ivan Lews MP, for his prompt reply and help with this issue.

If you would like to leave any feed back, you are more than welcome!

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Well if you do have an iPhone this might be of interest to you, if I hear any more information I will update my news page.

DSAgovuk: RT @DSA_Publishers: Exciting news! Official DSA iPhone apps to help you prepare for your theory test are on their way! Will keep you posted.

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The Institute of advanced motorists polled 4000 people, and asked what their view is of 20mph limits. It showed 67% of people think 20mph zones should be used outside schools. And a further 38% think they should be used outside shops, playgrounds, parks etc. Only a quarter thought they should be made a default speed in general driving. However 43% of people would like to have the road outside their homes a 20 mph zone…What do you think your road should be ?

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