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Company car drivers go slow to save fuel

The importance of fuel efficiency is is becoming a greater concern to all drivers but more importantly to business users a  recent survey found, almost two out of three company car users drive slower as a result of high fuel prices, while a fifth actively try to limit their mileage. According to ALD Automotive, of the 1000 UK business drivers surveyed, 50% shop around for the cheapest fuel available, 65% drive slower and more smoothly in an effort to save fuel and 20% drive fewer miles.

‘It‘s no surprise that drivers are taking additional steps to save fuel, whether it be through shopping around for the cheapest price, or changing their driving behavior can play in helping reduce fuel consumption.’ The average UK fuel price is at a record high of £142.42/litre for petrol and £147.84/litre for diesel.

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A recent survey concerning road markings around The UK’s states that the road markings are vanishing at an alarming rate, with well over half of white lines in Scotland and Wales almost non-existent, and England’s road markings faring little better.

snapshot survey of nearly 500 miles conducted by The Road Safety Markings Association shows that, on average, 50.6 percent of the UK’s road markings surveyed are barely visible. The proportion of roads falling into the “emergency repairs” bracket stands at 23 per cent; while less than 7 per cent of road markings score the highest rating.

By contrast, a survey carried out 12 months earlier on the UK’s 10 most dangerous roads showed that 23 percent of centre lines fell into the lowest category while 31 percent qualified for the highest rating.

I know lots of roads around Bury and Bolton which I have reported to the local authorities, if you know any make sure you report them, could help to reduce road casualties.

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I have just been to the Bury Driving Test Centre open day, it was great to see and have a chat with  the local driving examiners again, a couple who I haven’t seen since December 2010 !!  We were shown around the refurbished test centre and explained what had happened to close it in the first place, it is good to have it  up and running again.

David Heathcote

Fuel Tanker Strike


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With the threat of strike Action by the fuel tanker drivers you can see the effect of panic buying as I drive around Bury and Bolton today .

Following a ballot by the union Unite, fuel tanker drivers have voted to undertake strike action.

The government has condemned this potentially disruptive action and urged both sides to negotiate a settlement to avoid strike action.

Fuel supplies

There is currently no problem with fuel supplies. But if a strike were to go ahead, supplies of fuel to some, but not all, forecourts across the UK could be affected.

The government is able to take a number of steps to minimise disruption, in particular to make sure the emergency services get the supplies they need.

How you can help

Motorists can also help by following the following sensible advice:

  • don’t change your purchasing behaviour, refuel as you normally would, planning ahead if you have a long journey to go on
  • stick to speed limits as this helps conserve fuel
  • don’t queue at petrol forecourts, this causes congestion and increases disruption
  • check travel sites and latest news before travelling


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With the clocks moving forward, Brake and GEM Motoring Assist are calling on the Government to make it ‘Lighter Later’ all year round to help to reduce road causalities.

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Bury Driving  Test Centre is to have an open day on the 30th March betwwen 9.30 to 11.30, all ADI’s and candidates who would like to see the full refurbishment or discuss any local issues are most welcome.

I will definitely be going !

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The Government is to press ahead with trialling the 80mph speed limit on up to seven sections of the UK’s motorway network (MSN).

Justine Greening, transport secretary, has announced plans to test a “condition-dependent” limit similar to that in place in other European countries. According to MSN, ministers are using the French motorway system as an example where a lower limit is applied in poor driving conditions.The variable 80mph limit will be applied through electronic signage on parts of the M25, M1, M6, M42 and M20.According to the MSN article, safety cameras will be used to enforce the new trial speed, without the normal amount of leeway for drivers exceeding the limit. Police guidelines usually state a “10% plus 2mph” margin, which would enable drivers to travel at 90mph without prosecution.It is likely that the variable 80mph limit will only be used on motorways with three or more lanes,Mike Penning, road safety minister, said:“The argument, which will be in the public consultation, is what we enforce over 80mph. The answer will be that 80mph will be the speed limit, and not, as we interpret it today, perhaps 90mph.”

MSN says that a study looking at the potential for introducing an 80mph limit, including details of the proposed pilot scheme, will be published in early summer.

I will keep the drivers of Bury and Bolton updated.

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Using a smartphone for social networking while driving is more dangerous than driving while under the influence of alcohol or cannabis, according to new research published by the IAM.

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I have received a letter today from Ivan Lewis MP  updating me on the latest news concerning Bury Test Centre.

The Driving Standards Agency have now awarded the contract for the necessary works at Bury Test Centre on the 16th Feburary 2012. The work is expected to start by the end of Feburary and should be completed by end of March, and therefore DSA expect to reopen Bury DTC at the end of March or very early April.

Again I would like to thank Mr Ivan Lewis MP for the  help with this matter, lets hope this is now going to happen its been a long wait.

Older Drivers


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And the number of drivers over the age of 80 now stands at more than one million according to information obtained by the IAM.

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