Learning To Drive

Learning to drive is one of the most important skills you will ever learn. For most 17 year olds, it’s about freedom and independence; however age is not a boundary. Learning to drive can also open up opportunities, be it to help to improve employment prospects, independence to go when and where you choose or to enable you to take the children for a day out during the summer holidays. I have come across many reasons why people of all ages want to learn to drive. It is important to get top quality training to prepare you for today’s roads, learning in a professional, enjoyable and friendly environment.

Theory Test

The Theory test is designed to test your knowledge, be it rules of the road or situations which can affect your driving e.g. speed limits, seat belts, lanes, it will also test your hazard perception skills.

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Practical Test

Today’s driving test is a more thorough test than years gone by, the test can, where possible include various traffic and road situations, depending on location e.g. dual carriageways/ rural/town centres.

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