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One of Britain’s most iconic publications is undergoing a digital revolution today as Transport Secretary, Justine Greening, marks the Highway Code’s 81st year by launching it as an interactive app for smartphones.

The best-seller’s technological transformation will make it even easier for road users to keep up to date with the rules of the road.

Much of the Highway Code’s content has changed considerably since its launch in 1931. For example mirrors were not even mentioned in the first edition and drivers were advised to sound their horn when overtaking.

It is already free to read online, can be downloaded as an ebook and there are also Facebook and Twitter accounts offering regular topical reminders.

Now a new app for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch will make it even easier to keep up to date with the rules of the road through a more intuitive, interactive format.

It includes the complete contents of the Highway Code with a search facility making it easy to find rules and information. There are also interactive features like quizzes, a stopping distance calculator and a tool to help users identify road signs.

The Official Highway Code app is available on iTunes.

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I have just been to the Bury Driving Test Centre open day, it was great to see and have a chat with  the local driving examiners again, a couple who I haven’t seen since December 2010 !!  We were shown around the refurbished test centre and explained what had happened to close it in the first place, it is good to have it  up and running again.

David Heathcote

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Bury Driving  Test Centre is to have an open day on the 30th March betwwen 9.30 to 11.30, all ADI’s and candidates who would like to see the full refurbishment or discuss any local issues are most welcome.

I will definitely be going !

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I have received another update from my local MP Mr Ivan Lewis concerning Bury Test Centre. GOOD NEWS !!

I now have a letter from Mike Penning MP , Parliamentary Under Secretary State Department for Transport he writes;

I am writing to confirm that Bury Driving Test Centre is scheduled to reopen on 30th March.

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) was forced to close Bury DTC after a burst pipe caused extensive damage. The DSA decided to improve the facilities at the Bury DTC at the same time as carrying out repairs to the building.

Bury Driving Test Centre is now more energy efficient, with better insulation, double glazing and motion sensitive lighting. I am confident your constituents will find the new centre a great improvement.

Well at last we now have a definite opening date for Bury DTC,  I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank you again  to Mr Ivan Lewis MP for all of his help with this matter.

David Heathcote


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I have received a letter today from Ivan Lewis MP  updating me on the latest news concerning Bury Test Centre.

The Driving Standards Agency have now awarded the contract for the necessary works at Bury Test Centre on the 16th Feburary 2012. The work is expected to start by the end of Feburary and should be completed by end of March, and therefore DSA expect to reopen Bury DTC at the end of March or very early April.

Again I would like to thank Mr Ivan Lewis MP for the  help with this matter, lets hope this is now going to happen its been a long wait.

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I have been in contact again with my local MP Mr Ivan Lewis concerning Bury Test Centre, and I have  received another letter from him to inform me that due to the lack of work of work being carried out at Bury Test Centre, he is now again writing to the Chief Executive of Driving Standards Agency (DSA) asking for an update on the work and a likely completion date. Again many thanks for his effort in this matter, please check again for further news.

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Well done to Daniel Medows who passed his driving test  first time today at Bolton Test Centre with only one driver fault!!  Safe driving and be careful on the roads.

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Well done to Patrick Prince on passing his driving test first time  today at Bolton Test Centre. Safe Driving and be careful on the roads

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The IAM has renewed its call on the Government to make driving on rural A-roads a mandatory part of the driving test.

While I David Heathcote would agree this is a good idea, logistically I don’t think it could work as a lot of Driving test centres are situated in Town centres, as a professional driver trainer I personally include ALL  different types of roads and conditions, including  these rural A roads and explaining how to use  The Limit Point whilst on them, however as I tell my students the L test is just a start to your driving  and would always encourage to take further training and tests as not to get complacent throughout their driving lives, I will be happy to receive any comments from learners drivers from Bury or Bolton on this subject.

Driving Test Pass


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Just to say well done to Ged Bland on passing his driving test today, again at Cheetham Hill Test Centre. Safe Driving and be careful on the roads.

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